excite-fullWould-be entrepreneurs have until Friday, Oct. 30 to pitch their business ideas to experts at Georgian College who can help turn dreams into reality. The college's annual exCite! competition is now underway.

exCite! gives participants the chance to discuss their invention, product, product improvement or idea with a friendly panel of experts.

Each participant receives expert advice around such topics as next steps, networking opportunities, links to valuable resources, free admission to a MaRS Discovery District pitch workshop at Georgian's Barrie Campus on Wednesday, Nov. 4, as well as the chance to win great prizes.

The first place winner receives ...

Kids-drawing-on-chalkboard-fullDear BWDSB Trustees,

What a busy week! Apologies for the mass email, but there doesn't seem to be much time left to reach out to each of you by phone.

After having a chance to discuss this at our School Community Council (SCC) meeting at Sydenham and with a group of parents from Derby, Dufferin, Sydenham and Bayview schools, I'll be asking you Tuesday to vote "No" to commencing the Accommodation Review process as it currently stands.

My reasoning is outlined in the below,

ACM03tAt the Owen Sound Hub we want to be the place you come for information and inspiration. We want to ask the hard questions and be part of the discussion that helps us find the answers together.
In this pursuit, we are always looking for unique sources of content for you and today we are excited to bring you something completely new for the Hub.
This is the audio of a sermon delivered by Graham Bland at St. George's Anglican Church on Thanksgiving, 2015.  Yes, it is a sermon, and it got a standing ovation so it wasn't your average Sunday.

Don't make assumptions - don't jump to conclusions – just give it a listen and tell us what you think...

arboretum-feature-by Bill Moses

There is a small band of people who are working hard to increase the awareness of that special set of plants that do not receive enough attention or respect. I am talking, of course, about our native plants. Our dedicated group of volunteers operates the Inglis Falls Native Tree Nursery. As part of an arboretum we deal with the woody natives (trees, shrubs and vines). To achieve native status in our operation, the plant must be indigenous to Grey or Bruce County.
We rely on the slim publication A Checklist of Vascular Plants for Bruce and Grey Counties as the final arbiter for determining our list of native woody plants. (This checklist is maintained by the Bruce-Grey Plant Committee of the Owen Sound Field Naturalists.) A plant's woody status (other than the obvious – trees) is determined by its inclusion in Shrubs of Ontario (James H. Soper and Margaret L. Heimburger). Our native plant list includes approximately 120 shrubs, 50 trees and 10 vines. Planting at the Inglis Falls Arboretum began


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