Cathy-Hird-listening-featBy Cathy Hird
Recently, in the middle of a busy activity, a woman started to tell me about a vitriolic email that she received. She jumped in quickly summarizing the list of criticisms of the program and the angry words. When I simply nodded, she demanded, "Say something."

I could have just said, "You're right; that's terrible," but that would not have shown compassion or understanding. Also, in her quick summary, I sympathized with some of the content she mentioned although not the tone.

I told her that when she started I was still thinking about something that had happened earlier,

Daddy-and-Me-featureThree top winners have been selected from over 75 entries in the sixth annual Guys Caring for Kids Photo Contest. The photo contest challenges individuals to capture the visual stories of men in caring relationships with children. While men are continually involved in the lives of children, the majority of images of adults engaging with children still feature women. Several local organizations have come together, under the umbrella of Dad Central Grey Bruce, to encourage the role of men in the lives of children.

The Top Three submissions for 2015 are:

1. "Daddy and Me" by Dale Hamill

GBFSlogo-featureby Jon Farmer
In 2003, when I was 13, I begged my parents to take me to see Ron Sexsmith at Summerfolk. Despite my best efforts, I couldn't convince them. The next year I attended Summerfolk as a volunteer. I decided I would never miss one again and I haven't.

It's difficult to explain the magic of Summerfolk to someone who has never been. It's more than just good music and gorgeous art in a beautiful setting. It's a catalyst for connections. By the third weekend of August, the season is winding down. Summerfolk is a friendly celebration, a collective farewell to warm days and vacations. Audiences discover new musical loves and artistic treasures. Friendly strangers mingle in front of stages, singing along, and comparing new CDs.

Festivals have natural rhythms and I learned the Summerfolk routine quickly:

contra-stars-featureCome Contra dancing Tuesday evenings during August from 7:30 - 9:30 at the Harmony Centre on 9th St East in downtown Owen Sound. Beginners are always welcomed, and there is no need to bring a partner.

Wondering what to expect at a Contra Dance?


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