afterhospital- by Melanie Knapp
Courage and harmony with friends! I spent September 27th preparing for the evening social event. I was getting ready for the Ginger Press Book Launch of my new book, 'After Hospital.. What's Next?' To say I was excited was an understatement. I was effervescent!
The book is full of information about building a meaningful life after spending some time in hospital helping mental health. There are...

TroutHollowThe Owen Sound Field Naturalists has had a fabulous start to this season, and there is lots more to come. As soon as Thanksgiving Monday, you could join a walk with Bill Moses starting at the Inglis Falls Arboretum - visit for more details.

This Thursday October 12, OSFN is pleased to present Paul Aird, a life long conservationist, and emeritus professor of history at University of Toronto, and a former member of the Niagara Escarpment Commission board. Paul Aird will be reading some of his ecological fables and nature tales, witty and wise gems that will charm, and stimulate. Accompanying these stories will be some of....

between-our-steps-10-07-17-doubleWhen I drafted this reflection on my recent visit to the US, I had not heard about the shooting in Las Vegas. I was going to start with a panel on dystopia at the speculative fiction convention I attended. But as we drove, I saw a huge flag at half-mast. For Puerto Rico, I wondered. I saw a few more before we stopped for gas, and the news program shown on the pump ...

serpent"I thought it was a passing cloud at first," kayaker Emma Hawthorne said. "But when I looked up it wasn't the shadow of a cloud, but the shadow of a monster!"

Hawthorne, still visibly shaken when she speaks of the incident last Tuesday, says she believes the monster was the Owen Sound Serpent.

"Although I've never heard much about the Owen Sound Serpent this monster certainly...

kindnessGrey Bruce, you've been touched by a random act of kindness.

Everyone has certainly experienced today's hectic non-stop pace in day-to-day living and wished for time to express heart-felt gratitude. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to slow down for one day and say "Hey, thanks!" to those we...


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