villager- by Anne Finlay-Stewart

A giant head in the corner and some oversize blue sneakers with built-in socks. Those were a few of the clues to what the Pumpkin Coach was about to become - “Grey/Bruce's source of premium cosplay, dress-up and theatre supplies”.

When I visited Jean (Bell) Versava as the store was taking shape, she claimed she was starting the business so she didn't have to get a “real job”. But just because she may have one of the most fun shops in town, doesn't mean...

gingerpressWant to know what the United Way is up to?

Do you have questions about programs, changes to energy policies, and just what is this 211 we keep hearing about?

Join Executive Director Francesca Dobbyn for a "20 Questions Breakfast on Tuesday, ...

between-our-steps-09-20-17-doubleThe wilderness is a place to visit not live for most of us. Such a time apart from daily life lets us encounter creation in a different way, see ourselves from a new perspective. Wilderness can be a difficult place though, so it is also an image of loss and challenge.

For Moses, it was ...

the tide turnsBilly Bishop Home: Museum, Archives & National Historic Site, invites you to come and view our new exhibit, "The Tide Turns", which opens to the public on Saturday, September 23, 2017 at 12 pm.

In recognition of the centenary of the Battles of Vimy Ridge, Hill 70 and Passchendaele, the Billy Bishop Home has developed a new exhibit featuring informative panels, items from the Museum's collection and items on loan from CANADIGM, a Canadian company who researches, documents and...

lady in the moon-by John Hlynialuk

I do not know who it was that first started seeing a "man in the Moon". Maybe one of our cave-dwelling ancestors stood on his cave porch looking at the rising full Moon and saw a face. it would only be another example of the propensity of humans to see faces in many things with just a faint resemblance to two eyes and a mouth.

All humans are prone to seeing faces and other familiar shapes in...


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