Orionids-Leonids-Geminids- by John Hlynialuk

Astronomy, just like any science has its share of confusing or misleading jargon. Take "Big Bang" for example. In 1927, Catholic priest Georges Lemaitre proposed the theory, calling it simply "an expanding model of the universe". That description never caught on. It was 22 years later when Sir Fred Hoyle referred to "this big bang idea" on a BBC radio show and the public latched onto "Big Bang" (in capitals). This phrase, however, is misleading because the...

breastfeedingAs October 1-7 marks Canada's World Breastfeeding Week, the Grey Bruce Health Unit is asking residents to submit stories and pictures about breastfeeding. Why breastfeeding? Breastfeeding is important for babies, mothers, families and the communities. It means a healthier future for all.

This year's theme focuses on the sustainable qualities of...

kitboulterYou want the look? You better learn how to werk for it! Learn some tips of the trade to get the most out of your makeup, whether glitter or gore is your plan for the season!

This workshop is led by 2-time Dora Award nominated stage actor, Kit Boulter.

Offstage, Kit has been an active cosplayer and makeup artist for over a decade, with looks ranging from...

Seniors-Lecture-Series-ImageGrey Roots is pleased to announce a four-part lecture series, for seniors by seniors, taking place Wednesdays in October.
On October 4th, award-winning author Dorothy Duncan will present Harvest Home, the origins and evolution of Thanksgiving in Canada Dorothy is an expert on Canada's culinary history, and has lectured internationally on the subject.
On October 11, folksinger and former marine museum curator Ian Bell ...

goodfoodbox- by Jodi Birch VanDyk

Good food box!
Big bag of potatoes, three cobs of corn, one broccoli, one cauliflower, three tomatoes, peppers, one yellow and one red, a bag of yellow beans, a large leaf lettuce, bananas, and a bag of apples!
All fresh and gorgeous!
I've not owned that many beautiful veggies since....


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