farmers marketBy Anne Käärid

Stop by the Owen Sound Farmers' Market year round, and experience the joy and excitement found at this lively hub of the community. You will be greeted by an array of happy faces, stories and greetings from visitors and

By Cathy Hird

Vultures circling low over the pasture is not a good sign. Too often that has pointed to a death, usually a lamb. On the road, a group stands its ground when a car approaches, unwilling to leave their meal. When I see a single bird circling high in the sky with its familiar "v" wing structure, I tell myself it has an important role in the ecosystem. Sometimes, I watch the way one senses the air, moves up and across without seeming to exert any effort at all.

The other day one showed off just outside our bedroom window. On the top of a hydro pole, the bird spread its wings wide, leaned into the sun, stood balanced on this small circle. We could see the...

discovery routeGrey County is excited to support the Ontario self-guided brewery Discovery Routes. This province-wide guide provides five complete itineraries for folks looking to get out and explore

reptilesThe Cabot Head Lighthouse will be busy with a couple of activities.

On Wednesday, July 20 at 4pm, there will be the Reptiles at Risk program. This project is a partnership


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