cathy-meditation-featBy Cathy Hird

In the soft fresh snow, skies press silently forward. It is a quiet morning without wind although the birds are hiding from the cold. After a hectic season, this is the perfect way to quiet my racing mind.

bishop-regBishop House: Museum, Archives, and National Historic Site is not only the boyhood home of Great War flying ace William (Billy) Avery Bishop, it exists to preserve and promote the legacy of our local veterans, military, and victorian history through programs, exhibitions and programming.

We recognize that there is a great diversity among our regional schools, and this poses a challenge in accessing cultural resources and facilities.

cathy-time-feataBy Cathy Hird

"The beginning of the long dash after ten seconds of silence marks exactly 1 o'clock Eastern Standard Time." With this broadcast from CBC, we can all check the accuracy of our clocks. Some watches have a tendency to slow down. The clock on the stove gets bumped ahead. This broadcast lets us get back to the proper time.


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