thebarn-regOn Highway 26 just east of Meaford, neighbours are building a healthy community hub, a centre that "nourishes the growth of an active and engaged community". Called "The Barn Co-operative Network", it is transforming a traditional building once again into a space for a healthy future.
Building on the success of the original 100 Mile Market in Meaford, the Market has offered fresh, local and healthy food since 2011 in the "stables" of the original building. Now The Barn has diversified into a community co-operative – a space "to share, grow, learn and celebrate in a healthy environment". Besides the Market, the Barn houses...

buck and doe drawing hatsBy Jon Farmer
When I graduated from high school I thought that I was finished with school busses. So there was something nostalgic about standing outside of a local arena on a Saturday night in June, looking expectantly up the street for a bus. I've reached the midpoint in my twenties where friends are sprinting forward into the responsibility of adulthood, buying houses, and getting married. Many of those milestones have room for spectators. Wedding season comes with invitations but in my part of rural Ontario, late spring is Buck and Doe season and it is open to anyone with a ticket.

Cathy-Hird-trafficBy Cathy Hird
The interstate crested the ridge after a long steady climb. Across a wide valley, a line of hills rose, with another behind and a third higher and shrouded in mist. The place we were headed lay beyond those mountains. A hydro corridor cut straight through the heavy forest of the nearest hill, but there was no sign of our road beyond the tarmac right in front of us, heading down.

Part way across the valley, large signs began to flash a warning, "One lane ahead." We began to consider our options . . .

stgeorgedoor-featureWhen St. George's Anglican Church was built in 1881, at a cost of $12,000, it was considered one of the most beautiful churches in Ontario. But attractive as they may be architecturally, its heavy wooden doors and interior staircases are barriers to St. George's building the hospitable and accessible community space it aspires to be.

A $17,404 grant from the federal Enabling Accessibility Fund (EAF) is enabling the congregation to start on work this summer

selma-regThe year was 1965 and the struggle for Civil Right was heating up in the United States. Thousands, Black & White, gathered with Martin Luther King to participate in an event which would be marked as the turning point towards improvement, especially in Alabama. Their march from Selma to Montgomery drew national attention to the Civil Rights movement's efforts to secure Blacks' constitutional right to register for and participate in the election process. The ensuing outcry, that engulfed the entire country, shamed Lyndon Johnson and the US Federal Government into enacting legislation forcing George Wallace ( Alabama's governor ) to honor all voting rights. Present, during this historic event, was a 22 year old Canadian photographer named Lynn Ball. He returned with a series of provoking pictures which ...


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