- by David Strutt

bridgelightsThe next time photo chapter of the 10th St. Bridge project.bridgelights2
We are now in the winter month of February 2021. The 10th St. Bridge has now the last of the bridge railings in place and the new lights, that were on back order late last year in 2020.

The new bridge lights bring an amazing beautiful design to crown the classic looking light posts from an era of bridge works from the past.
The light photos were shot at different angles to capture the beautiful artistic design of the bridge lighting, a real compliment and finishing touch to this beautiful bridge.

The lights are a crowning touch to this beautiful bridge that we will cross over during the next 100 years of local history at the entrance to Georgian Bay.
In the spring of 2021 the bridge landscaping area will be completed by the Looby Construction Company, with the finishing touches to the 10th St. Bridge project.

I will share a final time photo chapter of the bridge project in the spring, with all the surrounding scenic color of nature by the bridge and the Sydenham River flowing out into Georgian Bay.

Another chapter of the 10th St. Bridge ends.




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