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What will Keppel-Sarawak Principal Laurie Gilkinson and Hillcrest Principal Kevin Wilson be wearing to work on Tuesday? Why do we ask?

Because that was the friendly challenge between the East and West principals in the schools' food drive. The staff and students of four local elementary schools contributed over 15,000 pounds of food (an estimated 1/20th of it is shown in these photos!)

The Salvation Army Food Bank, OSHaRE (Owen Sound Hunger and Relief Effort) and the Owen Sound Animal Shelter gave the schools lists of their needs, and the school communities used the opportunity to practice their math skills and reading skills along with their generosity.

Dan Russell, Principal of Alexandra Community School, said that the most important goal was  making sure that everyone in the region has food on their table.  Our local schools make sure that healthy food is available for all their students, and the schools ensured that every student could participate in the food drive project, said East Ridge Principal Sara Morrow.

The “Eastern” principals may be picking the wardrobes for the “Western” principals in this friendly challenge, but there is no question that this was a true community effort and the whole community is the winner.





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