Last Friday, April 29th, history was made at the Home of the Alexandra Eagles. The entire school came out to watch our annual Stanley Pot Championship game.

The AHL (Alexandra Hockey League) began its regular season on February 7th. Students from grades 4 to 8 were drafted onto teams and competed at recess throughout the season. At the end of the playoffs there were two teams left - the Jaguars and the United Champs.

eagles2 eagles3


On Friday, at 2:00, they went head to head one more time to determine the 2022 Stanley Pot Champions. Both teams showed grit and great sportsmanship. However, in the United Champs won the game with a score of 4-2. Even if the Leafs don’t win the Stanley Cup at least we know that the Stanley Pot will go to a great Canadian team for yet another year.

eagles2 eagles3

Our entire school community enjoyed rockin' music, hotdogs and epic hockey. What a great way to end our week and a wonderful ball hockey season. Way to work, Eagles.

source: media release


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