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We stopped by Fresh Burrito on Owen Sound's west hill to pick up a late supper as the sun went down last night.

Fresh is  throughout the menu at the new Tex-Mex take-out spot at 845 10th St W. Guacomole is made fresh throughout the day with fresh-squeezed juice; corn chips and salsas are made fresh in house.

The broad menu includes tacos, quesadillas, nachos, wings and of course burritos and bowls, available with hundreds of variations in fillings, toppings and sauces. Beef, pork and chicken are marinated and cooked in-house; beans (pinto or black) are soaked and cooked over the course of a few days.

Veggie options for all the menu items include organic tofu, sweet potato, beans, ground soya and sauteed veggies. 

The friendly staff tell us that Supreme fries have proven to be really popular. Topped with queso (cheese sauce), tomatoes, corn, green onions and sour cream or spicy burrito sauce - think....Tex-Mex poutine.

There are specials every day - and more to come in September says the woman who made our dinner. "We need to have a taco day - people in this town love tacos!"

A full range of Jarritos - the popular Mexican soft drink - and chocolate-filled churros round out the meals.

Welcome to Owen Sound Fresh Burrito  - we wish you every success.









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