In their ongoing effort to eliminate plastic waste from hotel accommodations and Clubhouse, Cobble Beach has partnered with The Keep Refillery in Meaford.

Waste is one of the significant contributors to the decreasing health of the planet and studies show that hotel and restaurant waste contributes to almost 30 per cent of total waste generated across Canada.

The lands of Cobble Beach are a symbol to the McLeese family’s appreciation for the area and were developed with an  extraordinarily light touch to preserve nature’s gifts.

All inn rooms and cottages now feature refillable shower dispensers for shampoo, conditioner and body wash, as well as refillable vanity pumps for hand soap and body lotion. This is a big transition in the hospitality industry; the products in the rooms are locally sourced, all natural, organic and cruelty free.

More of Cobble Beach's green initiatives (EV chargers, dark-sky lighting compliance, geothermal heating, refillable water stations, etc.) can be found online.

The Keep Refillery opened their first location in Creemore in March 2020. Since then they’ve added locations in Meaford, Kingston and Toronto and have saved over 125,000 single-use plastics from ending up in lakes, rivers and landfills in the process.

It is their goal  to eliminate single-use plastics and make refilling available to all. Refilling is simple. It’s rooted in the idea that people never again throw out an empty bottle of shampoo. Instead, they bring it to The Keep and refill it with their all-natural, plant-based, biodegradable and micro-plastic free product – creating zero plastic waste. The product line includes all personal and home cleaning products.

“The purpose of life is loving family and living in agreement with nature.” – Willis McLeese, Founder, Cobble Beach


source: media release




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