Following several recent coyote sightings, the Township is reminding residents that coyotes are a natural part of the environment of Georgian Bluffs.

BigPaw Brooke Feb2023“Coyotes are all around us throughout the year, but generally like to keep their distance from their human neighbours,” says Niall Lobley, the Director of Community Services with the Township. “However, during late winter and spring, coyotes are more active, and can be more visible than at other times of year as they look for mates and establish territories.”

Most coyotes are naturally wary of human contact and will seek to stay hidden and away from humans. You are most likely to come across a coyote in the early morning or evening.

You can help to avoid inviting contact with coyotes by:

  • Ensuring trash is covered, and that any pet food is kept indoors.
  • Never feeding wildlife, and removing fallen produce from yards and gardens.
  • Always supervising your pets when outdoors, following leash laws, and keeping pets under your care and control at all times.

If you see a coyote, do not approach it. Stay calm, make yourself look as large as you can, and make noise. Coyotes are common wildlife in this area, but generally avoid human contact.

If a wild animal is causing an immediate threat to public safety, contact the OPP at 519-794-7827.

source: Township of Georgian Bluffs



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