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Your dog may be an animal, but you are not: Pick up your dog's poop.

The Hub may be stretching a paraphrase here, but customer complaints have increased to the point that City Hall needs to send out a reminder of pet owners' responsibilities:


The City reminds residents and visitors to keep their dogs on a leash and always clean up after their pets for the sake of the community and the environment. Proper disposal of doggie bags and waste in garbage containers is essential. The reminder is in response to an increase in customer complaints received by the City.

Picking up after pets keeps public areas and green spaces clean and reduces the risk of spreading disease or impacting local ecosystems.

Dog waste does not decompose quickly or fertilize the ground beneath it.

It can pollute water systems and attract rodents and coyotes.

Dogs at large (off-leash) can also disrupt natural wildlife and put the dogs at a higher risk of unwanted interactions with ticks, porcupines, and other animals.

The leash-free dog park is always open for dogs to roam freely in the fenced-in space at 1240 1st Avenue East.

Owners can be fined $205 for not having their dog on a leash and $205 for not removing the dog’s excrement.

Dogs must be licenced in Owen Sound each year and wear the licence on their collar; the dog by-law is available on the city’s website.

To report issues, please complete the report a concern form online at

While visiting the River District, walking on one of the City trails, or enjoying one of the City parks, be a good neighbour. Please keep your dog on a leash and scoop their poop.


(ed. note: The same principle goes for walking your dogs anywhere – stop this anti-social nonsense and pick up after your dogs. Your neighbours know who you are.)

source: media release, City of Owen Sound



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