LittleShop FullDress 25May23 Audrey alone
 All alone on the stage, Nadia Szulist takes a solo spot as Audrey in Little Shop Of Horrors.


St. Mary's High School's ambitious production of the iconic Little Shop Of Horrors hits all the right notes at the Roxy Theatre in Owen Sound this weekend.

Opening night was Thursday, May 25; Friday's and Saturday's performances begin at 7:00 p.m. with tickets available at the box office or online.

Director Jody Ward welcomed the Hub to the show's full dress rehearsal Thursday morning before a full house of students.


LittleShop FullDress 25May23 Audrey alone
 Hero Seymour Krelborn, well played by James Giberson, cuddles with his new friend.


LittleShop FullDress 25May23 Audrey alone
 Mark Robbins, left, plays Skid Row florist Mr. Mushnik. He's accompanied by
the well-shod trio of Sarah Hemstock as Ronette, Claire Miller as Crystal,
and Savannah Lalonde, right, playing Chiffon.


LittleShop FullDress 25May23 Audrey alone
 Mark Robbins bops with the stunning set on the Roxy stage.


LittleShop FullDress 25May23 Audrey alone
 Crowd-pleasing doo-wop livens a dark story in Little Shop Of Horrors.
James Giberson and Claire Miller deliver the goods.


LittleShop FullDress 25May23 Audrey alone
 The part of Orin Scrivello, D.D.S., is a juicy one in Little Shop.
Brady Bertrand sinks his teeth into the role.


Little Shop Of Horrors, a St. Mary's High School presentation, runs Thursday, May 25, Friday, May 26, and Saturday, May 27, at the Roxy Theatre in Owen Sound.

Curtain rises on the two-hour show at 7:00 p.m.


Cast and Crew:

Crystal – Claire Miller

Chiffon – Savannah Lalonde

Ronnette – Sarah Hemstock

Seymour Krelborn – James Giberson

Audrey – Nadia Szulist

Mr. Mushnik – Mark Robbins

Orin Scrivello / Partrick Martin – Brady Bertrand

Audrey II / Interviewer – Skye Buckley

Bernstein / Fancy Lady / Chorus – Jeanelle Ackroyd

Mrs. Luce / Wino 1 / Chorus – Maeve Lang

Skip Snip / Homeless Person / Chorus – Lena Hood

Wino 2 / Chorus – Reynah Neelands

Customer 1 / Businessman / Chorus – Teagan LaRoque

Customer 2 / Pick-pocket / Chorus – Emma Aldridge

Director – 
Jody Ward

Musical Director – David Reitzel

Assistant Musical Director – Gerard Willmes

The Band

Back Row: Gerard Willmes, Danielle Mckenna, Isaac Kingshot, Isaac Willmes, Greame Manwell, Bryan Hu, Leah Elder, David Reitzel 

Front Row: Sarah Kers, Mila McMurray, Emily Caulfeild, Natasha Buckton

Assistant Director / Stage Manager –
Erica Huizinga

Props Manager / Stage Manager – Katie Jerome

Choreography – Ashlyn Kuhl

Backstage Crew – Tyler Whearty-Ritchie, Hailey Graham, Lily Watson 

Set PaintingEmma Dyer, Brianna Brubacher

Sound / Visual EffectsEwan Macleod

LightingJiya Kukreja

Audrey II - Robot Design / CreationAiden Jones

Audrey II - Decoration / DesignLily Watson

Audrey II - Puppeteer – Aidan Vigliotti




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