We have given the property owner notice at the Community Incubator at 279 10th Street East in the Chicago Building that we will be out by December 31, or earlier, if he has a new tenant.

Thanks to the extreme generosity of Peter Reid of Tibbs Management who continued to pay the rent after he sold the building, the space has been used for meetings and gatherings of all sorts,  as well as allowing the Hub to host co-op students, since we first moved there in February 2020.

We would like to see the space become an exciting new part of our downtown - if you are interested in looking at it and getting the owner's contact information, please let me know

.In October, we will be selling off the Hub's possessions in the office - books, furniture, pictures, dishes, etc. With any luck, we'll be able to pay for our last month of the Hub, with maybe a little left over for our next adventure. Stay tuned!


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