When you get up from your Queen-size Beautyrest and pull out the last bag of milk for your cereal, don't throw out the bag!

The Bag Ladies are looking for it. Just like the ones in the picture. If you buy your milk in bags, save them for a group of loving and crafty people who turn them into sleeping mats. Keep them out of our land fills and put them to use as durable, waterproof, bug-proof mats for people who woud otherwise be on the ground.
To collect the bags please dry inside and out, lay flat and fold from top to bottom twice. Place in a box/bag and when full take to the nearest drop off location.  Do you have a covered porch somewhere in Grey-Bruce and are you willing to be a drop off spot some

If you are interested in joining The Bag Ladies for a couple of hours of fun once a month, request to join here on Facebook. The group meets at the Owen Sound and North Grey Union Library starting at 6:30 p.m., and no previous skills are necessary - they'll show you what you need to know.

The contact person is Beth van Aalst, 519-387-0823 text or call, or send the club an email to [email protected]




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