A three evening series on Indigenous issues will be offered this June in Owen Sound.
Students will learn the history of the development of North America through the eyes of the original people of central Turtle Island during the course which will be offered at First United Church 435 21st St W on Tuesdays,  June 13, 20 and 27 from 7 to 9 p.m.

A traditional teacher will address cultural norms and discuss the impacts of the interaction of Indigenous and European peoples. The development of the treaty for cession of Indigenous land, the relationship with mainstream governments and the Indian Act will be discussed in order to break down stereotypes and revisionist history. The far-reaching impacts of residential schools will be explained and explored. The political, legal and media landscape in post-World War 2 North America will be discussed. Participants will come away with a more positive and enlightened view for the future.
After attending an earlier series, Deborah McKellar said "This course left an indelible mark on me and deepened my understanding of the complex and often demeaned history and present circumstances of our Indigenous sisters and brothers. Glenn Trivett is a compelling teacher and facilitator."
Facilitator Glenn Trivett is an Ojibway traditional teacher and a Midewiwin pipe carrier. His specialty in the medicine society to which he belongs is history, and he has studied it under the primary direction of Mr. Eddie King, the hereditary spiritual leader of the Odawa people of Manitoulin Island, Michigan and eastern Oklahoma. Glenn has traveled extensively throughout Ontario and has learned from elders of many nations. He has been lecturing on these topics for over 20 years. Glenn is staff with the M'Wikwedong Native Cultural Arts Center in Owen Sound.

The program is hosted by National Farmers Union-Ontario Grey County Local 344 and Kairos: Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives. Pre-registration is required – for full information and registration, contact Gary Kenny by email [email protected] or phone at 519-799-5804.

SESSION 1 (June 13)
Opening teaching circle
Circle of life and decorum of the circle
The Sacred Medicines and the medicine wheel
Smudging and prayer
The pipe and its uses
The clan system and traditional roles of men and women

SESSION 2 (June 20)
History of North America from the Indigenous perspective
Ice age migrations and continental repopulation
European exploration
Early colonization and the brink of civil war
The Quebec Act, the Royal Proclamation, the Friendship Treaties and American Revolution

SESSION 3 (June 27)
The Indian Act and its varied applications
Residential schools and impacts
Post World War 2 development
The courts and the media
The slow crawl of progress



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