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- by Darrell Watson

If you're driving down the highway and you get behind a motorcycle and the rider of said motorcycle speeds up and pulls away from you he or she IS NOT wanting to play "tag" or "catch the mouse" with you.

He or she is wanting that space that they created between you for his or her own safety.

DO NOT speed up to catch back up with them unless you plan on passing them.

I ride my bike to work almost every morning to Port Elgin. The number of idiots that get thirty feet from my back tire doing 80-99km/h is absolutely ridiculous.

This morning I had a woman do it and I slowed down at first so she could pass me which she didn't do. Then I pulled away from her 18882282 10154492357671345 7690800972533085537 nnot once, not twice, but three times! Each time she sped up to catch back up with me like I was playing a game with a toddler.

On the last time I'd had enough, turned around and looked at her and motioned for her to either come around me or GTFOMA.

Put your phones down and drive! I have three beautiful kids and a beautiful wife that I'd love to return home to at the end of each ride and each day.

I'm soon going to install a camera on the back of my bike and another on my helmet.

I see you holding your phone down in your lap when you're beside me. I can hear your notifications coming through at the red light. I know when you're texting while riding behind me because you can't keep it between the mayonnaise and the mustard.

Think about what you're​ doing.

Is your text message, Snapchat and Facebook Status update really worth my life and the lives of others? Is it really worth my children growing up without their daddy? I surely hope not.

200 motorcyclists were killed in 2015. Even more in 2016! Don't let your phone be the cause of another one and cost you years in prison.

At 100km/hr a car requires about 40 metres to stop. That's 131 feet.

If I can read the label on the Tim Hortons cup you're sipping out of you're entirely too close.

Think about it. The life you save could be mine.



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