barn academyMore people fear the looming environmental apocalypse -- climate change and biodiversity extinction that cause for violence, conflict, hunger, and collapse. Our societies responds – with willful ignorance, tribalism, denialism, and passing the hot potato. One question is increasingly central: What can I do about this? What is my role as a young person who inherits a world in growing mess? And how do I ensure that my (grand)children have a safe world where they have the same opportunities as I did?

The new science of soil has revealed the biggest reason for hope: It is possible to sequester enormous amounts of carbon in agricultural soils, while simultaneously restoring biodiversity habitat and feeding our human population healthier than now. Methods are subsumed as “Regenerative Agriculture”. If applied widely, regenerative agriculture can give humanity several decades of time to shift into a low-emission economy, while regenerating biodiversity and improving rural livelihoods. But unfortunately, regenerative agriculture has not been embraced by many powerful players in the AgriFood system, and none of the main political parties seem to care.

The Grey Bruce Centre for Agroecology is partnering with individuals and organizations to empower community members to become leaders for change, by organizing a series of “Barn Academies”. These are two-day workshops hosted by regenerating farms that have that have taken on the challenge of regenerating our planet. The workshops provide a brief theoretical and hands-on practical introduction of what regeneration is all about. The core focus of the Barn academy, however, is on unlocking your inner activist – finding your personal role in this transformation of our food system for a healthier planet, where you can thrive and learn, play and connect, co-create a better world, explore meaning, and find happiness.

The first barn academy will take at Burdock Grove Farm, near Williamsford, on Friday, May 31st until June 1st. With overnight camping! You want to know more? Find us on Facebook (“Barn Academy”) and register with [email protected]

source: media release, Grey Bruce Centre for Agroecology


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