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On May 3rd, 2019 Billy Bishop Home and Museum opened a new exhibit called Living Memory: Jeszcze Polska Nie Zginela (Poland is not yet lost). Now an exciting new feature is available for all to experience. This feature consists of an interactive website which not only promotes the exhibit, but increases the awareness of Polish history right here in Owen Sound. Visit the site at

This exhibit looks at local memories and stories of soldiers who were stationed at Tadeuz Kosciuszko Polish Army Training Camp during the Second World War. When the men and women of Poland were forced to flee their homes after the German and Soviet invasion, Owen Sound became a hub for Polish soldiers for a time. For a little over a year the soldiers were stationed here, and their presence left a distinct impression on the city at the time, one that would be felt for generations to come. The website features the history behind the Polish soldier's camp in Owen Sound and shows a digitalized gallery consisting of Polish soldiers, Polish soldiers in action and Jan Scazighino. In addition, the public has the opportunity to share their own stories and have them presented on the website.

Owen Sound has a varied landscape and enjoys many parts of the famous Bruce Trail. This trail was also walked by the Polish soldiers while they were here. There is a tree, referred to as the Polish Soldier Tree, carved with the message, "Poland has not yet perished" in Polish and signed simply zolnierz, or soldier. The website features real footage of the heritage tree along with works art displaying the trees glory. Unfortunately, the Polish Heritage Tree is dying, but the website gives the opportunity to ask the public what we should do next by taking part in an interactive survey.

Billy Bishop Home and Museum is proud to put together a website which highlights the stories and contributions of the Tadeusz Kosciuszko Polish Army Training Camp and its living memorial, the Polish Soldier Tree. Please take the time, to go onto our new website and tell us your story at

source: media release, Billy Bishop Home and Museum


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