- Claudia Staines

I remain a sometimes reluctant, sometimes content resident in this country but I am an enthusiastic resident in this city (well, it's 'burbs!)
There are lots of reasons why ranging from an amazing arts scene (especially music) to terrific food, but if someone pressed me for a single reason, it would be the Buffalo News.

The newspaper was recently sold by Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffet) and I worry a little now that "the hands off, do your very best work and we won't chip away at the foundations of staffing" attitude that seemed to prevail was going to disappear, but on the whole... what a truly great paper that I literally read from front page to the last advertisement.

Anyway, this is one of the reasons why

Claudia Staines may be best known - around here - for her years on-air with Bayshore Broadcasting, particularly delivering the local weather for which she refuses to this day to take responsibility. She now lives in suburban Buffalo, New York with her husband Jeff Mols, US Navy, retired.

photo credit: Mark Mulville/Buffalo News


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