I came back to Owen Sound, my home town, after going through some tough personal stuff. I was very excited to bring my food truck, Bombshell Stella's - my dream and passion - back to my home town, and I have been looking for ways to support my community through it.

My passion is to support our veterans and first responders. For those of you who know me, I show my love through food. I don’t want anyone to be hungry. And I don’t want anyone to feel like they have to struggle alone. After spending 10 years as a military spouse, I’ve seen the heartache and struggles that the men and women who protect me and my freedoms go through- especially after they release and retire from service. I don’t even know half of the hell that is their world. I just know that doing nothing to help is not an option.

I chose the downtown location for Bombshell Stella's on purpose. I wanted to be as close to the heart of my community as I could. I I am so grateful and thankful for King’s Service Centre and everything they have afforded me. My set up and hooks ups for the truck are imperative to allow me to operate on my own. Without them, I couldn’t have done this.

I’m ahead of schedule this year because my ex, who is still my friend and business partner, caught a short notice deployment. He is a 24-year active duty service member. A Captain. And his secondary duty is disaster management and emergency preparedness. Little did he know just 3 months ago what that would mean for him in today’s world. We had 24 hours to get the truck de-winterized, bring it back to Owen Sound, and get it in place well enough for me to carry on whilst he is gone to support Covid19 and whatever other confidential stuff and things he does. (See, that’s the way it is as a military spouse. We never actually know what they do when they’re gone.)

Yesterday, my fire and TSSA inspections went off beautifully. Huge shout out to Georgian Bay Fire and Safety and Crose Mechanical for making sure that the truck is ready to go this year. Again, the inspectors complimented my truck and assured me they would all be back for lunch once I opened.

I then left the truck for three hours to go get the materials to build a wall.

You see, I have a neighbour who takes strong exception to my business. He has accused me, threatened me and reported me to every authority he can think of. Each and every time, the investigations resulted in no fault found. But each and every time resources, tax dollars, my time, and my money were required during the investigations. Last year I spent more money on cameras and trying to protect the truck and my staff than I made in profits (thank you MasterCard).

I am so very thankful to our local Owen Sound police who assured me through no trespass orders that they have done everything within the scope of their power to help me and to keep my staff safe. It was the police who suggested the wall to protect my waterlines from vandalism and make trespassing more difficult.

But while I was gone yesterday, someone had kicked my grey water transfer pump so hard it’s broken. And beyond what I know how to repair.

I have a legal business operating license. I exceed every conceivable regulation and law.I pay my rent in spite of the turmoil going on in the world. I pay my staff much more than minimum wage.
I’ve tried to source from every local business I can find to make sure that we all get through this as a community, together.

I want to open next week as planned. I want to support my community. I want to make sure our vets and first responders have the basics that they need and aren’t holed up in an apartment someplace feeling unappreciated. Especially now. Especially during these crazy times.

I can’t operate without a water transfer system. I don’t know how to fix the pump.
I don’t know how I can open at this point. I can’t open without water. I can’t ask my staff to work when I myself do not feel safe .

Heather Morris, Owen Sound





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