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When Shea Angus said he'd like to give back to at least some of the essential workers in our community, we all jumped on board.

We all agreed that "essential" is definitely in the eye of the beholder, so we invited our readers and followers to tell us about some of the people they've seen doing the essential things that hold our communities together. 

The winners of grocery cards, gift baskets and DIA gift certificates were picked at random from the nominations we received because we certainly couldn't have chosen!  ("We" being Aakash Desai and the Desai family from Leelas Villa Inn in Flesherton, Chad Richards,  Shannon Deckers Real Estate, the Owen Sound Hub, and of course Shea's own Big Mouth Marketing.)

Shea said it.  "It is times like these that make us realize just how important community is. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone who has been working to keep our community strong throughout this pandemic. Because of the work you have all done, we will emerge from this closer than before."

Please continue to support our community by shopping locally when you can and supporting local charities and organizations that have been supporting us and our neighbours through this challenging time.

Keep reading to see the nominations we received during this giveaway and feel #GreyBruceProud!  Thank you all.

“Shelby Hanley. PSW. She is friendly, residents love her because of her kind demeanor. She refuses to go anywhere but work and home to keep the residents safe.” -nominated by Jenny Hanley

“Hey, I'd like to nominate my dad, Jeff who is working essentially as the operations manager for Grey County Paramedics. He is an amazing person and goes out of his way to make a difference in others lives. He’s constantly at work even on weekends helping others and keeping the community safe. He goes above and beyond by handing out random acts of kindness like cards and food on his down time. He really is a difference maker!” -nominated by Jamie Adams

“I nominate my girlfriend Taylor Shakes! Through all of this, she's kept our young son and I sane, safe, and still helped out her community with her work in the Health field! She has been essential to my life, and so many others! Thank you Taylor!” -nominated by Nick Sylvest

“I nominate Cindy and Murray at Cindy's Variety. They are putting themselves on the front line every day with the variety store, post office, LCBO, & Beer Store outlets.” -nominated by Peggy Jones

“I would like to nominate Cindy and Murray Blue of Cindy's Variety in Hepworth.” -nominated by Betty Ann Souliere

“I nominate Cindy and Murray of Cindy's Variety of Hepworth for being open for the residents of the Hepworth and area community to make sure residents have the grocery items as well as the essential needs without leaving the community they feel safe in.” -nominated by Karen Klages

“I nominate Kim Farquharson, RN at Lee Manor. She is a dedicated & kind nurse always putting the residents 1st. She's compassionate & works with her co-workers to keep Lee Manor residents ❤ safe during this pandemic.” -nominated by Dan-Carrie Noade
“I would like to nominate my Aunt Kim Farquharson. She is an RN at Lee Manor in Owen Sound and has been caring for her father, my Poppa, from home throughout cancer treatment.” -nominated by Lindsay Martha

“I would like to nominate Emily Gibson from Safe N Sound Residence in Owen Sound. Emily is the Crisis Intervention Support Worker and Transitional Housing Coordinator for Safe N Sound. Emily has always been a fascinating worker that has helped so many people though daily crises, to housing support to things like food and harm reduction. Emily is a very committed individual with a big heart. I am blessed to call her a co-worker and also my friend. Emily’s brilliance is what makes Safe N Sound truly sparkle! She is the nicest, most professional and respectable person I’ve ever met!” -nominated by Jacob William

“I would like to nominate some amazing teen and young adult cashiers from Shoppers Drug Mart eastside in Owen Sound! They have stepped up in a big way to help out during this crazy time. Chloe Charlton, Kennedy Coughlin, Lily Grosse, Mackenna Galbraith, Carly Johnson, Terra Campbell, & Sky Tremaine. Please throw their names in the draw, any one of them would be a well deserved win ☺.” -nominated by Angie Galbraith

“I'd like to nominate my fiance Mike Wood for the essential worker. He's been working full time through the whole pandemic supplying his customers with internet service. Without him there would be no netflix ?” -nominated by Bobbi Sue Shepperd

“I nominate Merrill Charles. She is a PSW at Lee Manor, who to make the resident feel a bit better in this stressful time, has coordinated with management to go back to her former profession as a hairdresser a couple days a week.” -nominated by Paul Charles

“Ashley Orient has helped every city within Canada. She started a group RVs for Canada's Frontline matching up Frontline workers with RVs to isolate.” -nominated by Patsy Rutherford

“I have two amazing friends who work at the hospital with mental health clients. They are amazing! Shannon and Nancy.” -nominated by Jennifer Cooper

“I would like to nominate Michelle Metcalf who has been working tirelessly as an essential worker in a sector that is not being appreciated as well as they should be! Thank you to all of our mail delivery workers, we see you ❤️”- nominated by Ginelle Mac

“I would like to nominate the tellers at the Wiarton RBC ( Deb, Deb, and Dawn) who have kept our businesses running and funds flowing!” -nominated by David Nusko

“I nominate Maddison Kearns for working on the COVID unit as an RPN in her area and facing the pandemic head on!” -nominated by Zach Kearns

“Jessica Margaret Karen at Food Basics for covering for me so I can be home with my daughter.” -nominated by Tania Ringel Slack

“My nomination is Tayra Brielle who is a social worker within GBHS. Social workers can be overlooked as front line workers during this pandemic. Social workers help with very important mental health support (i.e. home visits to ensure people who require mental health support are taking medications on time/ appropriately)
Thank you to ALL essential/ front line workers during this time and always ☺.” -nominated by Josolyn Olivia

“I nominate my brother Brad, who on top of keeping his own life in running order, is a volunteer firefighter. He is a big part of that family. On April 11 my mom fell and broke her hip. He was on site and has been hands on with both my elderly parents ever since. With limited # of people being able to care for them, he has been available on a daily basis.” -nominated by Katie Bridge on behalf of Karen Bridge

“I would like to nominate three people (individually) My Mom, Kathy, who is a nurse working with potential COVID patients. I would also like to nominate my Dad, Bob, who is a firefighter, putting in countless hrs helping people in our community. And last but not least, my brother Justin. He is a paramedic. He works very hard keeping strangers safe, while having two young girls at home.” -nominated by Melissa Whitman

“I nominate Jamie Hindman for this! A caring PSW.” -nominated by Kevin Holgate

“Karrie Cole is a hard working nurse who is on the frontlines during this pandemic and makes sure that all patients and staff are safe in the hospital during COVID-19 screenings. Huge shout out to all the hard working nurses who can potentially be at increased risk for COVID-19.” -nominated by Jared Cole

“Holly Gallant because she’s keeping people fuelled and putting a smile on their faces while she does it. She deserves some good karma her way!” -nominated by Taylor Shakes

Other nominees included Kaitlin MacDonald, Cassidy Paupst, Rachel Moore, Kathy Ellis.





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