- by Melanie Knapp

If people don't have a mask on:
1. maybe they forgot
2. maybe they don't understand this guideline due to different thinking skills.
3. maybe they are too anxious to wear a mask and can't have their breathing constricted due to asthma or anxiety.
4. maybe they can't afford a mask or don't know where to buy one.
5. maybe they can't concentrate on what to buy and what they need if they wear a mask.
6. maybe they are innocent, caring, and important people just like people that are able to be helpful to others by wearing a mask.

Having a water station in places, and a place to pick up masks would be helpful. People could give extra masks to people or stores could have masks handy before people enter.

Let's not be discriminatory about people that don't wear masks. Let's just help people get them if they need them, and be accepting of one another.






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