You all know the importance of eating locally, what about lending locally?
Come join us on March 28th from 10 to 12 for a vital conversation about Slow Money, the quiet revolution that is changing the way people think about their investments.
In communities throughout North America, groups of caring folks are making affordable, low-interest, peer-to-peer loans to sustainable food and farming businesses in their communities. The result is that, rather than making a killing, these dollars are enabling farmers and food business operators to make a living. And rather than reaping the rewards in terms of high financial returns, the returns these lenders see are all around them – in new, locally owned businesses and farms that take care of one another and the soil.
Ahren Hughes of Blackshire Farm will be sharing what he learned about Slow Money when he travelled to the Annual Slow Money Conference in Kentucky earlier this year, and explain what a Slow Money Owen Sound chapter might look like. Then, Tarrah Young from Green Being Farm will be describing plans for her farm's growth, and provide a concrete opportunity for interested folks to put Slow Money principles into action.
March 28th from 10-12 St. George's Church Parish Hall, 1049 4th Ave E, Owen Sound.

This is the first structured project of The Turtles Nest – a regional initiative to encourage community investment. Drawing on the wisdom of Aesop, we look for projects that will provide returns not in hare-like leaps, but with tortoise-like diligence – moving steadily toward the goal of creating community as well as profit. If you are thinking of moving some of your assets, why not invest them in your neighbours, in projects you believe in?


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