gabe rossitter16-year-old Gabe Rossitter from Kemble, just north of Owen Sound, is keeping the entrepreneurial spirit alive on his great-great Grandfather Sinclair's farm. But where his great grandfather sold eggs and fire wood, Rossitter’s sales endeavour has a modern, digital twist. With the support of the Summer Company program through the Small Business Enterprise Centre, Rossitter is launching an online store that sells quality apparel, like t-shirts, hats, and hoodies with a focus on raising awareness around the issue of mental health and youth. His company, “Belong”, is a branded apparel, e-commerce based business.

“What’s unique about Belong is that it focuses on youth and mental health. The Belong logo represents inclusivity, hope, health, and awareness," says Rossitter. He wants people who wear his apparel to be more informed about the serious issues of mental health, and to help spread awareness around the issue. His goal is to promote positive mental health for youth in a unique way.

And just like on the farm, it’s all about family support. Rossitter has been fortunate to have the guidance and mentoring of his uncle, Chris Sinclair, who is a West Hill Secondary School graduate, and co-founder of the highly successful “Brand Blvd”, a leading-edge promotional products company with head offices in St. Catherine’s, Ontario.

“Being a part of the Summer Company program has taught me so much," says Rossitter. "From creating a business plan, to advertising, to building community connections and so much more. At the end of the day I just think it is cool that I was able to take an idea, and with support and encouragement, make that idea a reality. It would be awesome to see people wearing my shirts because I know it will start a conversation about Belong: inclusivity, hope, health, and awareness”.

Ten percent of all sales will be donated to the local CMHA.

source: media release



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