Awesome-foundation-fullThe latest Awesome Foundation has been born in Grey County, bringing a new level of awesomeness to the City of Owen Sound. Twelve awesome individuals have pledged $100 each to help make their community a more awesome place, one great idea and one cash-filled brown paper bag at a time.

Individuals located in the greater Owen Sound area are invited to pitch their best idea to help make greater Owen Sound an even more awesome place to live, work and play. All who are located within 20 kilometers of Owen Sound city hall are invited to email a pitch of up to 300 words to [email protected] by April 15, 2015. The 12 Awesome Trustees will narrow down the submissions to three great community-minded ideas that “make awesome happen”.

Live pitches will take place in the lobby of The Roxy Theatre, date to be announced. Those making pitches are welcome to bring props or other items with them to help their presentation. Only a microphone will be provided on site to assist with the live pitches.

The Awesome Trustees will choose the idea that makes their community a more awesome place. At the end of the evening, the winner will receive $1000 in cash to help bring their awesome idea to life. The

runners-up will receive $100 each as thanks for their awesome efforts.

Awesome Foundations have sprung up in cities and towns all over the globe. Informal “Foundations” of largely unconnected, community-minded individuals provide micro-grants with no strings attached, helping to revitalize, innovate and better their communities.

All ideas that make awesome happen locally are welcome. The community is invited to attend the live awesome pitch night which is free. All are welcome to make a “people’s choice” donation towards their favourite awesome idea at the end of the pitch sessions. All funds collected will go to the three awesome people who pitched ideas and enhance the prize monies granted by the trustees.

If you or someone you know has a great idea to make their community more awesome, the Owen Sound Awesome Foundation wants to hear from you! Email your pitch to [email protected] by April 15, 2105.

source: Awesome Foundation Owen Sound


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