- by David Strutt

The bridge girders are now all closed in with forms covering the whole bridge superstructure. The bridge crews are building extensions on the sides of the bridge over the Sydenham River.

10thstreetbridgebluepipeYou will notice the big water main in blue is enclosed in the structure with the cement ring collars to support it. When the cement is poured into the forms being built at the ends of the bridge girders, the circular rings will hold the blue water main pipe in place.

The views from the west side of the river show the building complexity of this massive bridge super structure, with the view of 10th St. east and historic  buildings in the background.

A few photos show there is more clearance under the bridge than I thought there was in earlier photos. The aluminum boat tied up at the wall gives an indication of clearance. I think the kayakers and canoeists will have clear paddling under the bridge, it will improve as the lake level water cycles will drop over time.

The area where  the Gavaris building was demolished, a cement block retaining wall has been built butting up to the remaining building, and a crib area is filled with large rock boulders filling in the old foundation area.

10thstreetbridgeclearanceThe floating work rafts are still under the bridge for future use, and the yellow floating retainers are in place to keep floating material in its parameter.

The view from 1st Ave West over the river is continually changing as the bridge project continues moving forward.
The photos are for everyone who enjoys the photo moments of this bridge construction event, sharing with you, also with historians, and with my friends.













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