- by Abbey Blokland

My name is Abbey Blokland, and I am a co-op student employed, until November 10th, by the Owen Sound Hub. I am sixteen years old and I have been passionate about journalism since eighth grade.

Four years ago, I reported on a fictional news story about a shipwreck with only one survivor. This assignment kept me engaged the whole time by feeling at ease with how naturally the story felt to write. I am lucky to have found an interest that can be turned into a profession so early in my life.

My other interests are travelling, snowboarding, and soccer. My interest in travelling grew when I was five when my parents took my family to Florida. A couple of years ago, we travelled through Europe, and it was beautiful. I love experiencing new cultures and expanding my knowledge towards worldwide traditions.

Snowboarding piqued my interest in seventh grade. It helped me become more patient with myself, as I struggled to learn. I also like working together as a team which is why I am so fond of soccer. I’ve been playing soccer for five years, during the summer. I wanted the chance to get to try new sports and see what interests me in high school, but I never imagined there would be a worldwide pandemic.

The night before my first day of grade nine, my friend and I each wrote a letter to our future selves hoping for what we wanted to accomplish throughout our last four years of school until we furthered our education elsewhere. We have yet to open those letters until our last day of grade twelve.

Before going into high school, I remember hoping to expand on my interests and hobbies, and in grade nine, I was able to. I joined the cheerleading team where I got to experience the adrenaline rush of performing on stage. In grade ten I started trying out for the rugby team which soon enough got cancelled from the pandemic.

In March everyone was informed we were not going back to school after the break. I was very excited for a few extra weeks off from school; I would have never thought a two-week break would turn into three months in isolation. I spent all my time with my family, watching movies, and talking to my friends on the phone. After a few days I was bored, but during that time I grew to understand patience, and learned how to occupy my time with new activities.

Although COVID-19 has been affecting everyone one way or the other, I am very excited for this opportunity at the Owen Sound Hub and you will be hearing from me soon!




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