OSAIDThis is an opportunity for the local youth leadership to become involved with a worthy cause during this pandemic.

The Registered Canadian Charity, Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving, has an excellent opportunity for ten youth from the Grey/Bruce and Huron/Perth area to become part of a regional Youth Leadership Team that will help develop and launch a region-wide virtual Youth Symposium on Teens and Impaired Driving. Impaired by Alcohol, Drugs, Distraction and Speeding.

The youth do not need any prior experience to be a part of this team and will gain over ten volunteer hours from January to July 2021. All they need to do is to go to website and sign up. This team will help to launch a two-hour symposiums for ten secondary school classes or groups throughout the region.

Participants taking part in the virtual symposium will learn about the dangers of impaired driving from a professional motivational road safety speaker and also be challenged to discuss their perceptions of of local road safety issues. Each class will receive supporting educational materials and a lesson guide, T-shirts, road safety swag, and promotional items for their schools. Each class or group will also receive supporting materials to assist in class discussion.

The Project Coordinator, Matt Evans is a provincial lifetime achievement award winner for his work with youth road safety. Evans Says; “This will be an excellent opportunity to raise awareness in the region and develop some solid youth leadership around this issue. We are so pumped about this that we are offering one hundred free OSAID masks today to any school who will simply consider talking to me about participating in the symposium.”

“The two hour symposium can dove-tale nicely within the Ontario Education curriculum. Specifically: Health and Physical Education, Civics and Citizenship, Grade 10, Understanding Canadian Law, Grade 11.” Says Evans.

The goal it to have ten participating classes take part in one of two symposiums in the spring and then make a personal commitment to road safety.

At the end of the day this project was created to engage youth to become advocates for safer roads which means safer communities in the Grey/Bruce/Huron/Perth area.

This project has been made possible with support from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

For more information please contact Matt Evans Project Coordinator, [email protected] (416) 407-1693

source: media release, OSAID


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