Readers have asked for details on the membership, contact information and responsibilities of the Grey Bruce Board of Health.

The Grey Bruce Board of Health is currently composed of ten voting members.  The Wardens of both counties, Mitch Twolan of Bruce and Selwyn Hicks of Grey, sit on the Board. 

The Chair is Sue Paterson, Mayor of Hanover, and the Vice-Chair has been Anne Eadie, Mayor of Kincardine, although she resigned from that position effective last Friday.  Bruce County is also represented by Chris Peabody, Mayor of Brockton.  Brian Milne, Deputy Mayor of Southgate, and Brian O'Leary, Deputy Mayor of Owen Sound, represent Grey County.  Helen-Claire Tingling and Alan Barfoot are Provincial appointees to the Board.

Communications addressed to the Board of Health will become part of the public record and may be placed on a public agenda and identified in minutes.  Email can be sent to Erin Meneray at [email protected].  Ms. Meneray is Executive Assistant to both the Board of Health and to Dr. Ian Arra, Medical Officer of Health and CEO. The Board's mailing address is 101 17th Street East Owen Sound ON N4K 0A5.

There may be times when a citizen or group may wish to present to the Board on an issue. You can arrange to be a delegation by contacting the Executive Assistant for the Board of Health.

All requests must be received no less than 10 days prior to the meeting date and should include the name(s) of the speaker(s) and the subject matter to be discussed. Delegations are limited to 15 minutes.

Ontario’s Health Protection and Promotion Act (HPPA) provides the enabling legislation for boards of health and the statutory basis for the Ontario Public Health Standards. Lawyer Nick Lovell explains the authority of this Act and responsibilities of the Board in this YouTube video

Further information about the Grey Bruce Board of Health, including minutes, meeting dates, policies, and biographies of Board members, can be found here.

source: website, Grey Bruce Health Unit





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