Just an annual reminder that no charges were ever laid in the vandalism that took place at our pride crosswalk mere days after its unveiling a year ago.

There were video cameras. There was footage.

Many may have forgotten but our community hasn't. Our allies haven't. We still want answers.

Many in our Community Needs Assessment identified this lack of action as a barrier to feeling safe within our greater community.
The crosswalk was to be a symbol of inclusion and acceptance. Its defacement tells us some do not feel we deserve to be accepted, seen, and deserving of our human rights; and is quite simply a hate crime.

We deserve to feel safe.  We do not deserve to feel oppressed in our neighbourhood.

This photo was taken before the clean up crew began last June 20 . That day Grey Bruce  Pride posted "This was a hate crime.We belong here.We deserve to be seen. Days ago, our mayor and police stood by our side saying hate does not belong in our city. I hope they stand with us now and stand true to their words."


source: Grey Bruce Pride






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