Beth-Ezekiel03-fullby Kelly Babcock

Recent reports have identified Beth Ezekiel Synagogue as one of the “targets of opportunity” in Monday night's arson spree allegedly perpetrated by three now known persons.

But in a weird twist of fate, as sometimes happens, this target was a failure for the arsonists in two ways.

First, their attempt to start a bush on fire at the historic synagogue failed, extinguishing itself before any damage to real property could be affected.

Beth-Ezekiel01-200pxlsAnd secondly, due to a grant from SIIP (Security Infrastructure Improvement Program) that was given to improve security for groups that may be targeted by hate crimes, police ended up with some video that may have been instrumental in identifying those arrested for the crime and the one still being sought.

*** update: Donald Wilson arrested as of 10AM , Thursday, August 13th

Positively identified and still at large with a warrant out for his arrest is Donald (Donny) Kelly Wilson. Already in custody is 24 year old Taylia Robson of Owen Sound and a 17 year old youth offender from Chatsworth who cannot be identified.

The Miracle Of The Unburnt Bush

The Beth Ezekiel Synagogue would seem to be the beneficiary of miraculous luck in that, unlike the original miracle of the burning bush where the bush continued to burn but was not consumed, this bush stubbornly refused to continue to burn, and as a result nothing on Synagogue property was consumed.

And the community would seem to be the beneficiary once again of the presence of the Synagogue, one more way in which our community shows solidarity in the face of devastating loss.




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