On Friday May 26th and Saturday May 27th, voting starts for the province wide  grassroots referendum on Public or Private Health Care. We are releasing the final  list of polling sites in our two counties. In some other proposed locations, we did  not have sufficient numbers of volunteers to staff the polls and in those cases, we  have cancelled the arrangement. The list of final polling locations and times is below:finalvotinglocations

We have one polling location which was omitted by error from the List of Referendum Voting Locations in Bruce County. There will be a poll at the Paisley Freshmart in Paisley today from 9:30 to 5 pm.

Once the polls close on Saturday evening, the ballots will be taken to a central  location for counting. The local results for Grey Bruce (a combined total for paper  ballots and online votes) will be released on the 29th. 

On the 31st of May, all of the ballots collected provincewide, including those from Grey Bruce, will be delivered to Queen’s Park where Ontario Health Coalition  leadership will conduct another press conference.  

The GBHC is an affiliate of the Ontario Health Coalition (OHC), a non profit,  nonpartisan organization representing over 400 local volunteer coalitions in  Ontario. This organization has been advocating for public healthcare in Ontario  for over 40 years.

source: media release


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