Grey County Council is headed to tender for the proposed addition and renovation of the Administration Building in Owen Sound. No final decisions have been made and Council is waiting on accurate costing from a public tendering process.

The project plans to move the Provincial Offences court inside the main Administration Building bringing most of Grey County services together under one roof. Updates will make the site more accessible, increase overall efficiency and fix the many problems facing the aging structure.

“The Provincial Offences court is below provincial standards and needs a new home,” said Grey County Warden Alan Barfoot. “The addition and renovation will address all of the court’s issues and allow Grey County to build a service environment that is fully accessible and inclusive. Residents and visitors of all abilities deserve access to Grey County services.”

The reconstructed building will comply with provincial accessibility laws and the Ontario Building Code.

Grey County first started exploring options for a new Provincial Offences court in 2008. For years it has been below provincial standards causing concern for visitors and staff. Grey County explored options for renovating the court independently and quickly learned it would only be a short-term solution to a larger problem facing the County.

“Grey County is here to serve the public,” said Warden Barfoot. “We have an opportunity to make meaningful improvements to service delivery as a whole and this project will ensure the public can continue accessing our programs and services for years to come.”

The public tender will be released this spring. Accurate construction costs will not be known until bids are received. Grey County has already put aside reserves in anticipation of the construction project.

For more information, contact Warden Alan Barfoot at [email protected] or 519-372-0219 ext. 1225, or Anne Marie Shaw, Director of Housing, at [email protected] or 519-376-5744 ext. 1305.

source: media release, GreyCounty


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