AURORA – Three people died in three separate motor vehicle collisions and two other people died in a single marine incident, according to the OPP's preliminary civic long weekend fatality report.

Over the weekend, the OPP was also looking for motorists to respect the Move Over Law, important legislation aimed at protecting police and other emergency responders at the roadside.

As part of its efforts to keep the public safe over the long weekend, the OPP released a series of videos that serve to reinforce the importance of wearing a lifejacket or personal flotation device (PFD) when heading out on the water.

The videos were produced in response to the high number of fatal marine incidents in which the absence of a worn lifejacket or PFD was a causal factor. The OPP was encouraged that no one died over the weekend as a result of not wearing this important life-saving equipment.

To view the videos, or to obtain more information about lifejacket and PFD use, click on the following link:

Source - OPP


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