After roll call at this morning's Grey County Council seven Councillors left the meeting, effectively postponing any decision about the future of Grey Gables Long-term Care home in Markdale or the upgrade of Rockwood Terrace in Durham.

With Warden Al Barfoot in New York for the  Intelligent Community Summit and Councillor Norman Jack (Southgate) absent, the Council did not have quorum and had to be adjourned. A vote could not be held to approve the minutes of the May 25 Committee of the Whole, containing the recommendation to start the process to amalgamate the two facilities which was approved in a weighted 54-33 vote. 

Councillors Mackey (Chatsworth) , McQueen and Halliday,(Grey Highlands) Greenfield (Meaford), Fosbrooke (Southgate), McKean and Ardiel (Blue Mountains) left today's meeting forcing the adjournment.  The next regular meeting of Grey County Council is scheduled for June 22.


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