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The Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound NDP is set to nominate their candidate for the provincial election this spring.  Karen Gventer, who was the party's candidate in 2014, is seeking the nomination.

Gventer says she is bringing the message, "Enough is enough" to Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound. She is concerned that farmers, students, youth, seniors, women, working people, indigenous people, and small business owners can no longer afford Liberal and Conservative governments.

"People in Ontario are concerned about the rising hydro rates, and concerned about the Liberal's shell game that doesn't really benefit us hydro users at all," says Gventer. "The Conservatives want to carry through with that disastrous plan they began in 1999. Only the New Democrats have a plan to put Hydro One back in public hands, where the costs can be kept down for hydro users and voters have a direct say."

Gventer also wants to promote the New Democrats' plans for Pharmacare. "I have a friend who had to make choices about buying food or paying for her needed medication. No-one should have to choose to get sick by not eating properly or get sick by not having their prescription medication. It doesn't have to be that way. It would save the health care system money – if people are able to fill their prescriptions, they will get better instead of sicker. People matter most. If this is done in other countries, New Democrats can certainly do it here."

Gventer works in health care, is involved in her union and the District Labour Council, and has volunteered as a youth soccer coach and with Fiddlefern Country Dancers. She has lived in the region since 1999, and she and her family currently live in South Bruce Peninsula. She previously ran for the NDP in the riding federally.

The Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound NDP Electoral District Association nomination meeting is scheduled for January 20, 2018 at 1:30 pm, at the Owen Sound Library. The public are welcome to attend; members must be signed up 30 days prior to the meeting to vote.


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