Health-fullThe Grey Bruce Health Unit is asking all municipal candidates to incorporate healthy community principles into their 2014 election platform. Decisions by elected officials can have a significant impact the health of their residents.

Healthpdf-feat"We want candidates to know that the actions they take as elected officials will affect the health, equity and sustainability of their community." said Dr. Hazel Lynn, Grey Bruce Medical Officer of Health.

All municipal candidates across Grey Bruce will receive a Health in All Policies resource package that highlights important community health issues and the actions, at the local level, to improve these concerns. This approach asks decision makers to recognize the health consequences in the choices they make. We ask candidates to initiate conversations and to connect with their constituents, community leaders and other stakeholders in a first step towards making positive changes for a healthier community. This strategy is part of the goal of creating a culture of health within Grey Bruce. The role of a municipal candidate in creating or championing health in their community cannot be understated.

"Many would be surprised to learn that the greatest contribution to the health of the nation over the past 150 years was made, not by doctors for hospitals, but by local governments."

Dr. Jessie Parfitt, public health physician and author of The Health of a City.

Source - Grey Bruce Health Unit


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