Pub-regHead lice are a common problem among children. While they are more of a nuisance than a health concern, they can cause a great deal of stress for families as they grapple with getting them out of their child's hair and home. Head lice, also called pediculosis, are not a sign of poor hygiene; anyone can get head lice. Often this time of year, parents will get a note from school letting them know that it is in the classroom and asking to check their child's head for both the lice and nits (eggs).

In response to the many calls from parents asking about treatment and ways to get rid of head lice, Public Health has created a new video, Head Lice Information for Parents. The locally produced video, along with the Boards of Education policies, research articles and a printable pamphlet are on the Public Health web site at:

The upbeat and informative YouTube video reviews prevention, treatment and the importance of nit picking.

Head lice will not likely disappear any time soon. To reduce the risk of your child becoming infested, teach them not to share hats, scarves, brushes or combs. All hats should be stored in the sleeve of their coats while at school and parents should check their children regularly to catch an infestation early should it happen.

Source - Grey Bruce Health Unit


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