co-fullOwen Sound – This week the Ontario Government revised the Ontario Fire Code to require Carbon Monoxide alarms in residential occupancies before April 15, 2015.

Homes in Ontario will be required to install a Carbon Monoxide alarm before April 15th if the home has a fuel burning appliance such as a gas fire place, wood stove, gas fired hot water heater, oil burning appliances or an attached garage. Homes that rely on electricity for heating and hot water and do not have attached garages do not require a Carbon Monoxide alarm.

Apartment buildings, condominiums, and hotels that have more than 6 residential units have until October 15, 2015 to comply with the installation requirements.

The Carbon Monoxide alarms can be battery powered or plug in style. The device should be installed as per the manufacturer's instructions.

Carbon Monoxide alarms should be placed near all sleeping areas in single family homes. Alarms shall be placed in service rooms and adjacent suites in multi – residential units.

If the Carbon Monoxide alarm activates – Leave the building and call 911. Carbon Monoxide is a clear, odorless tasteless gas. A complete copy of the legislation can be found at

Source - City of Owen Sound


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