employer surveyEmployers in Bruce, Grey, Huron and Perth, we are asking for your participation in our annual EmployerOne survey which will be open until January 31, 2020. Now entering its sixth year, EmployerOne continues to offer valuable insights into the local labour market. “The EmployerOne survey is such a useful tool because we can formally reference statistics that used to be only anecdotal. We use the results on a daily basis to develop responsive programming, align work plans with community partners and supplement applications.” says Savanna Myers, Director of Economic Development, Tourism & Culture at Grey County. “EmployerOne has helped our team to re-examine where we focus our efforts and lead to many notable initiatives, including Sydenham Campus and regional attraction and retention. We’d like to thank our employers for taking the time each year to complete the survey, your responses are certainly appreciated and well utilized in Grey County.”

This year’s EmployerOne Survey has new questions addressing retention strategies and specific skills that are in demand. “Our local business communities are extremely focused on employee
attraction, which is necessary given our most recent unemployment rate of 2.4% (November 2019)” says Gemma Mendez-Smith, Executive Director of Four County Labour Market Planning
Board. “However, we also need to explore the factors that lead to retention, and how employers can keep employees long-term in a very competitive labour market.”

Local labour market data for our region is extremely challenging to acquire without asking employers directly about their experiences, which is why this survey is important to complete
every year. Six years of EmployerOne data allows the Planning Board to look at trends and changes over time, which can contribute to more in-depth and relevant initiatives to help
employers succeed.

Depending on business size, most employers should be able to complete the survey in 5-10 minutes. “Our goal is to allow employers to anonymously and confidentially share their
experiences with us in just a few minutes. We recognize how busy our local businesses are, and we value the time they are committing to this worthwhile project,” says Mendez-Smith.
Employers are invited to complete the EmployerOne survey before January 31, 2020 by visiting

For further information, or to complete the survey by phone, please contact the Planning Board at 519-881-2725 or email [email protected]

source: media release, Four County Labour Market Planning Board




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