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If you trust albino groundhogs for your weather forecast, prepare for an early spring.

If you are more likely to take your lead from the sponsor of the free hat your neighbour is wearing, book a vacation to some destination where you're almost sure to see your own shadow.

The Wiarton Willie Festival takes place all weekend with races and dances and breakfasts and rides, but this morning all attention was on the prediction. MP Alex Ruff got his first opportunity to don the top hat and purple cape since being elected last fall, and joined veteran MPP Bill Walker on stage.

The “surprise” visit of Premier Doug Ford to the prediction was not a very well-kept secret, and some protesters were on hand to draw attention to ongoing education issues. One hand-made sign said “Don’t let Doug see his shadow – We don’t want six more weeks of cuts.”

(If you are more drawn to historical data, the groundhogs in Canada have been accurate only about 37% of the time over 40 years. More on Groundhog Day courtesy of the Canadian Encyclopedia here.)

Thanks to our intrepid Owen Sound Hub correspondent for the photos.





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