town of south bruce peninsula town hallThe Town of South Bruce Peninsula continues to monitor and respond to concerns related to the COVID19 pandemic.

In order to reduce the spread of the virus, Town Hall and other municipal facilities remain closed to the public. Municipal play structures are now also considered to be closed.

The landfil site remains open at this time, however, payment methods will be Town account only for contractors and debit “tap” only for residents. Contractors without accounts must call Town Hall to set up an account. No cash or regular debit will be accepted. Regular curb-side pick-up is not interrupted.

Most products labeled “flushable” are actually not safe to flush down the toilet.
Products such as napkins, paper towels, and facial tissue, while made of paper, do not break down in the wastewater stream, causing a back-up and flooding. Please don’t flush these products.

Due to the office closure, we remind everyone that, tax, utility and accounts receivable payments can be made through any of the following methods:
• Online and telephone banking,
• At your financial institution,
• By using the drop-box located at the George Street entrance to Town Hall, and
• Mail.

Penalty charges for tax and water levies will be waived until April 30th. Interest charges will continue to accrue on any previous unpaid balances during this time.

source: media release, Town of South Bruce Peninsula


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