raccoonThe onset of spring and more people staying at home, there has been a significant increase in human/animal interactions requiring investigation by Public Health.

The Grey Bruce Health Unit would like to remind people to practise social distancing with wild animals as well as people. The concern is not related to COVID-19; in this case it is being bitten or scratched by a wild animal.

These animals are often sleepy, may look malnourished and are likely to be looking for food around our homes and gardens. Although the risk of rabies in Grey Bruce is low these interactions still require investigation. If the animal is not available for testing vaccine may be required.

Investigations and vaccine dispersal are placing an additional strain on Public Health and healthcare resources that are already stretched by the COVID-19 response.

Public Health is asking for your assistance to reduce this additional burden on resources by ensuring that you leave plenty of space between yourself and wild animals. Do not approach wild animals under any circumstances.

source: media release, GBHU


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