biz reopenThe Province has now fully entered Stage 1 of re-opening during the COVID-19 pandemic allowing some businesses to re-open, if they maintain strict safety protocols. The Province and Grey Bruce Public Health are working diligently to ensure businesses have the knowledge needed to keep employees and the public safe.

When looking to re-open a business, owners should consult the sector guidelines recommended by the Province. In general, the following guidelines may assist you:

  • have a plan and supplies to keep all work surfaces and high touch areas clean;
  • provide sanitizer or wash stations for staff and customers;
  • control the number of people in the business premises and manage traffic flow to ensure social distancing of two meters;
  • use cloth masks and face covers when physical distancing can’t be maintained (Public Health recommends non-medical cloth masks for the general public);
  • provide signage that communicates to employees and customers health and safety protocols while in the store; and where possible,
  • minimize contact with customers by continuing to offer and encourage online shopping, curbside delivery and contactless payment.
    Complete sector guidelines can be found on the Province’s website,

These safety measures help keep everyone safe and build staff and consumer confidence. When businesses, staff, and the public feel safe and comfortable, the economy is proving to rebound faster in other countries.

Businesses included in the Stage 1 category are reminded that reopening physical properties is not mandated. Businesses are encouraged to re-open when they feel comfortable providing a safe environment for both employees and customers.

Grey County economic development and tourism staff are focusing on recovery. They are available to answer questions, help navigate the information available and assist business as they look to reopen. For support, contact [email protected] or 519‑372‑0219 ext.1270. A County staff member will assist you within one business day.

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source: media release, Grey County


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