TPP-new-engby David McLaren

Think 'property.' Now think 'treaty' ... as in those instruments that transferred land from people who belonged to it, to people to whom it then belonged. Pretty good deal for us, not so much for First Nations. (A stony outcropping of land called the Bruce Peninsula was evaluated not so long ago as being worth some $50 billion – just imagine what the rest of Canada is worth.)

Now you're in the proper frame of mind to consider the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). That's the instrument that the Conservatives negotiated and that Parliament ...

tax-by Bill Moses

In the present day it appears that we do not have enough jobs to go around – or, to put it another way, - income disparity. Part of this problem is because people hang on to their jobs long after their basic lifetime financial needs are met. They build million dollar homes and travel to exotic locales to soak up the excess - and I have no problem with that. However, I do have a suggestion.

At the present moment income tax on employment (T4 income) is based on annual income. However, what if it was based on lifetime income? To give a simple example, no income tax on the first $500,000 of lifetime employment income earnings, 10% on the next $500,000, 20% on the next $500,000 and so on perhaps going up to a 90% level at some point. Past employment income earnings would have to be indexed for inflation and people would receive an annual statement telling them where they stand. With this method one would think that at some point people would say they were tired of "working for the government" and retire earlier...

Hemp- by Bill Monahan
With the determination of the new federal government to legalize the recreational use of cannabis, it seems a good time to have a look at its THC-free cousin, industrial hemp. Could the cultivation and processing of this remarkable plant bring much-needed ....

chippewas- by Phil Henderson

On January 21st Wiarton announced it will host a Junior A hockey team again, a first in nearly fifteen years. The enthusiasm was evident, with South Bruce Peninsula councillors variously describing this as "fantastic news" and a "breath of life" into the area. But that breath of life was quickly caught in the throat. The news of Junior A's return to the Peninsula came with the suggestion of the team's resurrected name: "The WiartonRedmen7576Redmen".

Some will point out that this was the original team name before it was changed and the team folded. But we cannot kid ourselves - even for a minute - about what this name represents. The phrase "red man" has its roots in the same racist thinking as "redskin", or "nigger". Each of these words ought to evoke in us a deep sense of revulsion, as they represent the most concise forms of hatred and white supremacy. These words identify and then denigrate individuals and collectives solely on the basis of how the colour of their skin is perceived.

Others might say that we shouldn't lose our heads over a team name, it's just a name after all... sticks and stones... But the fact is, that people - and overwhelmingly people of colour - have literally lost




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