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"The United Way is looking for an office cleaner. Weekly Monday evenings, 6 hours, $13 an hour. The United Way supplies all the tools and cleaners. There are stairs and you must be able to lift 50 lbs.
To apply please bring your resume directly to the United Way with references.
380 9th Street East Owen Sound"
Within minutes of this post Monday, January 25 on the Facebook page of United Way of Bruce Grey, The Hub received a note to the Editor – in part - "The United Way has publicly promoted the idea of the living wage. In Owen Sound the living wage has been set at $14.77. Much higher than the rate of pay offered by the local United Way office.

"To me this speaks to a common problem when dealing with a living wage. Justifications for paying employees....

swift-fibre-optics-by Bill Monahan
You don't have to be psychic to see that one of the most important requirements for economic growth in rural Ontario is reliable high-speed Internet. It's essential to attracting modern enterprise as well as residents. If communities in our area want to develop a diverse population across a demographic spectrum we need good broadband Internet access. On the one hand it invites businesses which rely upon reliable broadband and on the other it boosts real estate when high speed Internet access is available to the home. With Netflix-style delivery of entertainment and devices like 4K Ultra HD television displays, which chug four times the data of regular high-def, people want a big pipe of datastream fed directly into their homes. As Joanne Steele, at RuralTourismMarketing.com states, "Rural broadband access is as important now as rural electrification was...

preston-manning-by Paul W Conway

There is more to Preston Manning than meets the eye. He does so meet however from time to time, most recently in The Globe and Mail on Monday, January 18  — and these occasions are all we have unless we attend the proceedings of the Manning Centre for Building Democracy. There is one next month in Ottawa, if you are keen.

I met the man in person some thirty-plus years ago, when he and I were both young per-diem-rate peddlers in northern Alberta. He was working the oil industry side of the Cold Lake heavy oil deposits, I the community development side. I expect he got higher rates than I did and stayed in better hotels, but we met as equals....

gradBy Jon Farmer
Right now aspiring and recent high school graduates are preparing applications for college, university, and apprenticeships. Teachers are handing out materials and well-meaning relatives are asking detailed questions about averages and career paths. We're funneling our teenagers into post-secondary institutions but we're not doing it on purpose. It's a habit and one that we need to examine....




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